Today I started the first seeds of this season. I can’t imagine I’ll ever start this early again. This year, North Dakota has had a mild winter, like most of the northern US.

I planted 18 Roma tomatoes, 18 Millet’s Dakota, 9 fox cherry, 9 large red cherry peppers, and 9 tomatillos. I’d better label them like NOW, as I’m pretty sure I’ve already forgotten which is which. Makes for a fun little surprise though, eh?

But, I should give credit where credit is due; Alice and Dawson were the ones who dropped the seeds in the holes, and quite expertly at that. They can be so careful when they want to be!

Right now, the seedlings are residing in our bedroom. We have a fantastic three-seasons room with windows surrounding it on 3 sides, but it’s still a bit too cold at night, and it has ancient electric wiring, so we don’t feel good about running a heater in there. Until temps are more consistent, the seedlings will happily share a room with us.

Next week, I’ll start the rest of the peppers.