Josh and Lynda planted 99 potato plants today before the expected rain tonight. We put in 70 Pontiac red and 29 Yukon gold, roughly. I think next week will be time for peas?

I also had a welding lesson from Grandpa Bill. I’d never seen welding done, and he is a very good welder. He attached a metal handle/stick to a rake head that had come off its wooden handle (bc they ALWAYS do). I’m trying to rig up a device to mark the rows instead of running twine down every row to make sure they’re straight.

This works to make the rows evenly spaced, but it doesn’t guarantee they’ll be straight. I had to adjust a few rows of potatoes that were bowed in the middle from using my new rake method. We’ll see how helpful it actually ends up being.

Unfortunately I did not have my camera, because it would have been a great pic, but we finished the welding lesson by all standing outside in our welding helmets and staring at the sun. Why not?