If it wasn’t obvious from the title, we have some aphid trouble. On wednesday, I was looking over our plantlings and then saw THIS:

EVERY pepper we started was covered in them. ARG!!!!!!!! But… I  put them outside to get them away from the other plants, and let them overnight in the open air. The next day there were only a few on each plant. Then I sprinkled silver water on them and by the end of yesterday there was only 1 or 2 on a couple. So… whatever I did/didn’t do, they seem to be decreasing in number. I hope we have some pepper survivors out of it all though. Updates to come.

We planted beets and peas on Wednesday. I read an interesting method for planting peas in John Seymour’s book, so we tried his idea. Dig a 2 inch deep, 4 inch wide tiny trench. Then plant peas an inch or so apart in windows (at least that’s what we called it in cheerleading):

Thursday, Lynda and I planted cucumbers, onions and carrots. Josh was busy farming, but did stop to picnic with us and pointed out our first potatoes! Woo hoo!