Jordan took a very short break from custom planting to put in his popcorn, wheat and barley. The wheat and barley are for a home-brewing experiment he’s planning for this winter. And the popcorn is his cash crop of the future. He can talk himself into being a supplier for Orville Redenbacher if you let him talk long enough.

Here’s the very precise Jordan planting his popcorn JUST right.

This is also why I don’t even help him plant “his” crops. Mistakes in this area are unforgivable, so, for the sake of our marriage, I work elsewhere while he’s in the garden. But it sure makes him happy!

And when we say we plant the garden by hand, people, we mean BY HAND!

If you have good eyes, you might be wondering, “Why is that popcorn black?” It’s a variety called Dakota Black Pop, a 90 day maturity corn. Last year we planted a 112 day variety, CRAZY for our short growing season. It only made it because of the above crazy, i mean BRILLIANT!, farmer who did this a few times when it got below freezing:

that's how you friggin tarp some corn!

And that, friends, is how you tarp a friggin corn field. We had to use a few tarps, but the point is, the corn survived!

Today I planted red, green and lima beans, and cabbage. I forgot my camera, so all you get is my “after” shot of my dirty face. Tomorrow… TOMATOES! That’s a big day.