It sometimes happens in the northern Dakota. Two years ago we had a blizzard on May 16th. So, the risk is always there.

Tonight, May 29th, there is a chance of frost for Kulm, so we covered all the plants we could within reason. I found this handy chart from Purdue (see bottom of article) that helped me easily decide what deserved our attention and what could fend for itself. Even though they are tougher than they look, we decided to cover the peas anyway… they just looked so wonderful that we couldn’t help but coddle them!

Here’s the next step in our growing cucumbers: their “devil tongues”!!

And, another big milestone in my personal journey into rural life… Today I received my first tick bite. I’ve been stressing about it for years, knowing it was a certainty at some point. I’ve brushed many off of me, but had yet to be bitten. Even though it seems like a sort of baptism, I could have happily gone about my whole life without it. But, now it’s passed and I don’t have to stress about its eventuality any more.

We also found this guy hanging out in the barley:

We think it’s an ALBINO barley sprout! We’ll be watching it closely to see if it is able to mature.

Here are some pics of the garden tarped and blanketed (with Jordan saying a little prayer that all our work covering was for nothing). We’ll know tomorrow!