Last weekend was Grandma Caroline’s 95th birthday party. It was great fun to celebrate her and the long life she has used for what seems like only one purpose, to love.

There was a lot of family in town, which we happily put to work. Jenni, Josh, Bayley, Jordan and I each took a row of sweet corn and just worked our way to the end, and then we started over and over and over. Now the corn looks great!! And the popcorn is knee high by… the 18th of June!

Solveigh, Alice’s cousin, helped me plant a second set of onions and carrots. She was a pro at popping those bulbs in šŸ˜‰

Following the weekend, we all bonded over the stomach flu. Awwww, family…

Back to work, I picked much much lettuce. We have had some fantastic salads! And the second round is popping through the ground already. It better hurry though or it will be too hot for it to do very well.

Jordan helped me put up a fence for the peas. I encouraged them to climb by tying them against the fence with old pantyhose. It is the best material to use because it is strong but it has enough give to be gentle on the plant. We’ll have some nice walls of peas pretty soon!

And Jordan caged all the tomatoes. Next year we will put up the cages when we plant them. We waited too long and had to damage some of the plants to get the cages on :(. The Dakota millets are especially bushy, so it was hard to get the cages on over them.

Otherwise, right now is just a season of weeding and tending. I won’t bore you with detailing it all and will try to just post pics when pics alone will suffice. And since we’re starting to eat from the garden, I’ll also start posting recipes and ideas to our What can you do with this vegetable? page, the first of which is there now – check it out!

Oh, and check out this wheat ready to head out!! That is when the grain comes out of the stalk. Then you just need to wait for it to dry out and it’s ready to harvest.