I think the “light work” probably only applies when you’re moving things. In my case, additional help last week from Mary Liechty (my mom) and Joanne Rowell (my aunt, her sister), didn’t make work any less than what it was, but it sure got done quicker!!!!

What word to describe their approach to helping me? Aggressive is probably good. We canned green beans, pickled beets, and carrots; made loads of baby food for Rosa; made tortillas; hosted a fun-filled “dino-four” birthday party for Leo; enjoyed Windfest; tended the garden; picked for the market; worked the market; did about 20 loads of laundry (I was a little behind, ok?); washed dozens of sinkfuls of dishes; set up the crib; did some home decorating/organizing; and completed many many other miscellaneous tasks. Many many thanks for all their help!!

Dino-four bday cake

The help

With only 1 month left until the average first frost, and only like 6 red tomatoes from 60 plants, my mom hacked away at our overgrown tomato plants, hoping that exposing the fruit to the sunlight would get them ripening faster. Here are some pics.



Big thanks also to Jordan Gackle and his team of honey-do helpers who put up this garden shed last week! It will be EXTREMELY helpful to not have to run across the whole farmyard to put away or get out tools (lets be honest, I mostly just got them out).shed