Pinterest needs no help from me; however, we all need freedom from consumerism and some help figuring out how to effectively repurpose what we have! So many times I have found myself with a problem, needing a DIY solution, and oula! Pinterest has my answer from some other clever DIYer, and I’m so thankful for their decision to post so I could benefit… why reinvent the wheel? It kind of speaks to the whole purpose of repurposing, right??

EVERYTHING you read on organizing will suggest, to some degree, what AZF at advised my sister-in-law so eloquently, “Basket the hell out of it.” The problem is, those baskets and bins get friggin’ expensive. We have just used diaper and amazon boxes up to this point, but when I started using them for our 5-month-old’s drawers in her bedroom, I reached the end of my patience for the “upscale trash” look. Time to find a solution.

Usually, I would just go to pinterest and search “DIY” and “bins”, but for some reason I didn’t this time. Really not sure why. Maybe because I already had a little idea in my head. I went down to Kulm Hardware and Home Center and found this adorable 30-year-old contact paper 🙂 I got the “thanks for getting it off our shelves” discount that you sometimes get in small town hardware stores, which brought this repurpose project total cost to one beautiful goose egg, i.e. $0.

The one thing I did that I didn’t see on other pins (because I wasn’t going to post this if someone had already posted the same thing) was knobs. Champagne corks work best because they have a ridge built in so its easier to grab a hold of it. And if you HAVE to finish up a bottle of wine/champagne to finish your project, all the better. Here are the pics: