This is a recipe I was introduced to at Cafe Artigiano in Vancouver, BC when I worked there for 4 months. So… that makes this the only good thing I took away from that experience.

Stuffed French Toast

1 loaf Texas Toast
Cream Cheese
Apple Pie filling (only if homemade, otherwise use some kind of preserves. They always used apricot at Artigiano)
4 Eggs
1/2 cup milk

A note on “Texas Toast”. First of all, you don’t buy it toasted, so why isn’t it called Texas Bread? Ok, secondly, until beginning college in Tennessee, I was completely unaware that other states were actually purchasing items branded as Texan in nature. When shopping in Texas and buying Texas Toast, I just imagined that Nebraska, Idaho, Hawaii, etc would all buy their own “__State_name_here__ Toast” that was just as thickly cut as ours was in Texas. It’s not like you can’t buy any other kind of toast in Texas. Were the people purchasing Texas Toast in these other states wanting to somehow get closer to the good things they imagined were true about Texans? Do we really have that kind of pull in the US? Or MAYBE YOU CAN EVEN BUY TEXAS TOAST IN OTHER COUNTRIES????!!!! I know you can in Canada! YIPES! I never thought about that. If this is the case, I think I need to advise the world, “Don’t try to model yourselves after Texas! It has lots of problems which I will not begin listing here!”

Well, it’s a good thing I have a blog so I can sound that alarm and now sleep peacefully tonight. Ha. The internet is so weird.

Ok, so I was talking about a recipe before all that.

Turn on griddle or heat pan on stovetop. Mix egg and milk in a short wide bowl; set aside. Butter your hot pan/griddle. Spread cream cheese on one piece of bread. You don’t need to go too thick, the results will be rich, trust me. Layer apple pie filling on top of cream cheese. On another piece of bread, drizzle a little syrup. Now make a cream cheese-apple pie filling-syrup sandwich by placing the two pieces of bread together. Carefully hold the sandwich while you lay one side in the egg mixture then turn over and lay other side in egg mixture. Now place the sandwich on your hot, buttered pan. Let toast until golden brown then carefully flip. When the other side gets golden brown, start eating.

It is a thing of beauty, but if you want a picture, you probably won’t be able to get one quick enough. I was only able to get one after it was half eaten, and it was my own meal! That admission is actually a little shameful.